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If conventional approaches to leading your workforce aren’t working, or if you need fresh ideas for how to make them better, check out these short articles for new ideas to build or bring back the “force” in your workforce.

Bulletin 1, Succession Planning That Works:  A Whole New Game – July 2014

Many leadership development planning processes (AKA Succession Planning) are built.  Very few are operated by line management as an essential business process.  Fewer still deliver the goods—fantastic leaders who are better developed than your competition, as a direct result of your planning.  Why so few successes?  One reason is that many people are stuck in outmoded ways of thinking about and operating their system. They are on the field but playing the wrong “game.”  This article uses a game analogy to help leaders stand back and get a fresh point of view about succession planning that works. Click on image below  to read full article.