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Strategy Execution

Leaders must communicate a million complicated things when they fail to communicate a few simple profound ones.”
— Ron Crossland and Boyd Clarke, The Leader’s Voice

  • Strategy plan check- up. Is your strategy a very clear game plan that defines the goal posts, the field you will be playing on and what your business will do differently than others to win? I’ll help you assess how well your strategy lives up to this standard. If it falls short I’ll partner with you to ask the tough questions you need to answer to make the clear choices that add up to a sound and winning strategy.
  • Strategy communication. A good strategy is too good to waste. It will be if people do not understand, embrace, and get energized to implement the strategy. I help you understand the current level of absorption of your strategy and identify creative ways to get it totally absorbed so people can find their own place in the business model.
  • Strategic thinking—individual and team. When people think strategically, they peer around the corner, see things in fresh ways and spark new ideas. Strategic thinking is the lifeblood of strategy planning conversations and of innovation. I coach individuals and teams to think strategically about what to do in the context of the challenges facing the company. I also offer workshops for people to understand what strategy really is, to increase their strategic thinking ability and apply it to their work—no matter where they work in the organization.
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