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Speaking Engagements

jeannie-in-black-power-pose_300When I speak, I share novel and useful ways to think about and close gaps between the workforce and market performance. My presentations are chocked full of stories, fresh images, humor and ideas that spark new thinking and inspire action—and, are also delightfully free of HR buzz words.

I have spoken at many company management meetings as well as national/regional association meetings such as SHRM, NHRMA, ASTD regional and the International Conference and Exposition and HRPS. In the Portland and Seattle areas, I have spoken at The Association of Corporate Growth, Financial Executives Networking Group, Portland Human Resource Management Association  (PHRMA), the NW HR Strategic Forum  and the Society for IT Professionals.

I have also presented at virtual webinars and conferences for i4cp,, HRPS and been interviewed by the Conference Board for their author interview series.  I have participated in Podcasts  for Internet Radio shows.

Here is a video from Athena Quick Coach:


I always tailor both content and style of presentations to what matters most to the audience. Possible topics are:

  • Be the manager your talent hates to leave.
  • New teaming for 21st century organizations.
  • Give people  great work  with room to grow and a chance for great impact—and engagement comes along for the ride.
  • Yes—HR can be strategic! Here’s how.
  • Raising the bar: What leaders should expect from HR.
  • Succession Planning is outmoded. Here’s why and what to do about it.
  • Learning from experience—the champion driver of development.
  • Performance management you won’t hate.
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