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People Development and Engagement

I thought I was hiring hands, but people came instead.”
— Henry Ford after opening The River Rouge plant (the largest integrated factory in the word in 1928.)

  • People practices designed more for humans than machines. All too often people management practices still fit a mid 20th century machine age design of organizations. Treating people like cogs in a wheel won’t lead to high productivity and innovation. I help leaders figure out which practices may be treating people as things, instead of people, causing disengagement and distance from work results that matter. Then I help them think through alternatives that support the culture, business strategy and demands of a contemporary workforce including increasing numbers of millenials.
  • Better, simpler performance management. It’s about giving everyone their piece of the strategy and the feedback and development to pull it off.  Yet research indicates that 86% of companies with a formal performance management  process dislike it and consider it a waste of time. I help top leaders and HR transform the process and support leaders to learn  the critical behaviors that provide enormous value from time invested.
    • Shaping work to give people room for development and greater opportunity for impact.
    • Incorporate  continuous feedback and coaching into daily management routines.
  • Differentiated investments in people done with precision. It’s tempting to have policies and investments that are the same for all. It’s one way to be fair. But it’s important to differentiate roles and people to, treat them differently based on strategic impact and still be fair. I help leaders use strategy as the launch point for targeting investments and dig into the right analytics to refine choices while balancing what is fair and effective.
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