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Leadership Development

Only one competency lasts. It is the ability to create a steady, self-renewing stream of leaders. Money is just a commodity. Talent supplies the edge.”
— Ram Charan and Bill Conaty, Talent Masters

  • Longer term leadership development and succession that works.  I  help companies create practices that go beyond names on a chart and simplistic labels to develop leaders over time through experience—in line with business strategy.  Conceptually it is easy. But it takes skill, discipline, learning how to make good judgments, and a culture of honesty and trust when it comes to discussing people. It also takes a bias for developmental  action, dealing with risk of putting people in over their heads and  holding managers accountable for developing people.  I’ll show you how.
  • Leadership teams tuned up to perform. As companies grow and/or strategies shift, growth can stall because the right top team is  not “on the bus” or in their right seats. It’s difficult to develop the future oriented perspective and rigorous thinking to make these calls to develop or replace players. I help provide the information, perspective and ask the right questions to make good choices about the right future- fit top team.
  • Leadership coaching. One of the best investments you can make is to provide top leaders (who have the motivation and potential to learn new strategy-required skills) with a talented coach.  Coaches accelerate adoption of new mindsets and behaviors. I excel at coaching very smart and capable leaders who need to think more strategically, better communicate strategy for understanding and buy-in and/or develop interpersonal behaviors that  support the strategy.
  • Leadership sessions high in learning and action. I design and facilitate meetings, both large and small, where leaders go well beyond listening and learning about each other, to actively engaging in getting new insights and adjusting behaviors  to solve important business issues.  When collaboration and working across silos is the goal, I have proven tools and experience in using the business imperatives as the driver to foster improvement.
  • Training with high return on learning and results.  Although most leader development comes from experience (research says 70% +), it can be accelerated with just the right training at just the right time. Research shows that of all training methods, simulations and role plays correlate most highly with market performance. I provide a suite of business acumen simulations and on demand education. I also offer, through Talent Savvy Manager, highly interactive virtual and in person training in short segments to help leaders develop people through experience while getting results. Through partners. I can connect you with short, on demand, on-line training, other simulations  and targeted action learning manager development programs that are proven to turn skills into habits.
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