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Companies, even small growing ones, can close the gap between their workforce and market performance if they understand, act on and integrate practices in the five areas that are most correlated with market performance. (Based on the People Profit Chain Research from i4cp)


It takes a clear understanding of what is working, not working, and missing to create the organization and leadership that delivers what people want: work that taps and grows their intelligence and enables them to have an impact on business performance.

WORKTELLIGENCE provides select services in each of the five areas of the market performance model. Here are three, economical and easy ways to sample and make fast progress in closing the gap between your workforce and market performance.

  • Organization and talent practices check-up: A fast assessment of which practices are likely to deliver results in line with strategy and what is missing that matters most.
  • Talent review/ development planning process tune-up: Identification of quick and proven ways to enliven and enrich the quality of discussion about people. Ideas that will maximize the use of experience to develop leaders and will create actionable development plans that leverage learning from experience.
  • “On the bus” leadership team assessments: A fast and affordable assessment to identify the leaders you need on the bus, and in what seats, to drive future strategy.

Following are links to the select services I provide for each part of the model:

  1. Is your strategy powering up performance of the workforce?
    • Is your strategy sound and clear?
    • Do people understand and embrace your strategy?
    • Are your leaders, at every level, good at thinking strategically?
  2. Are your organization structure and culture a good fit with your strategy? Are you successfully leading the changes fast enough to stay competitive?
  3. Is the work of people tapping their intelligence, giving them room to grow and impact the strategy?
  4. Are your leaders developing  the capabilities from experience they need to execute current and future strategy?
  5. Are the people with the most impact on customer experience supported in all the ways they need?

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