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Do Tandem Performance and Development

tandembikesmall_1_0b8c75Kevin Oakes, CEO of [i4cp] describes performance management as one of the key human capital practices that his company’s research proves is linked to  bottom line success indicators. After his presentation to the Pacific NW HRPS affiliate in Portland, OR, Kevin responded to a question about the future of performance management. He predicted in the future there would be a much tighter integration of performance management and development planning, so that managers ensure employees’ performance efforts occur in tandem with their development actions

Our ears really pricked up.  Why?  Because the exceptional development managers we talked to have already made that breakthrough.  Exceptional managers routinely do performance management and development in tandem.  They work with people to set stretch goals that create a gap in learning. Then, very naturally, managers provide continuous support of gap closing learning on the job. Their feedback is ongoing both in meetings and in informal interactions. They do not view development as an after-the-fact or separate activity.  Voila,  joint performance and  development plans are created and executed in tandem, with managers  involved throughout the year.  Performance and development are woven together into every day work adding new results and capabilities for the business along the way.  Now that’s the way to make “Talent your business.”

This article by Jeannie Coyle was re-published on June 1, 2015