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Still Searching for a Performance Management Fix? Find One at Last

The Challenge Are you once again facing the need to fix performance management because it is not delivering the value you want it to?  Join the crowd.  Many progressive companies are rethinking their systems to make them more developmental, simpler and more a part of day-to-day management.   At a recent panel on performance management hosted […]

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Do Tandem Performance and Development

Kevin Oakes, CEO of [i4cp] describes performance management as one of the key human capital practices that his company’s research proves is linked to  bottom line success indicators. After his presentation to the Pacific NW HRPS affiliate in Portland, OR, Kevin responded to a question about the future of performance management. He predicted in the […]

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Back to the Future to Develop Leaders

Did you know that 93% of CEO’s recognize the need to change their strategies for talent, according to the PwC’s 2014 Annual Global CEO Survey (up from 77% in 2013).  In spite of all the investments and adoption of tools, efforts are still not yielding expected results.  Could going back to simpler vintage strategies (circa […]

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Keeping the Talent Bucket Full

Many companies’ talent recruiting strategy is like using a teaspoon to fill a bucket full of holes. They want prospective workers to be job ready, without giving them development help or ramp-up time. To get a job, you have to already have done it, which creates a shallower pool from which to hire. The result, […]

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