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The Big Stretch: Make Work Developmental for Better Results and Growth of People

Many managers take a short term and myopic approach to managing employees—after all, the pressure for immediate results is overwhelming.  Many managers pose the either or question, “Do you want me to get results or develop people?”  Not so for the exceptional development managers we researched . These managers escape what Jim Collins called the […]

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Don’t Puncture Performance

Peter Drucker observed, “So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.” Are you inadvertently making it difficult for people to do their work? Are you micro-managing decisions, keeping people in the dark, withholding essential feedback, or unintentionally acting in ways that insult people? Most people love work […]

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Keeping the Talent Bucket Full

Many companies’ talent recruiting strategy is like using a teaspoon to fill a bucket full of holes. They want prospective workers to be job ready, without giving them development help or ramp-up time. To get a job, you have to already have done it, which creates a shallower pool from which to hire. The result, […]

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