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The Big Stretch: Make Work Developmental for Better Results and Growth of People

Many managers take a short term and myopic approach to managing employees—after all, the pressure for immediate results is overwhelming.  Many managers pose the either or question, “Do you want me to get results or develop people?”  Not so for the exceptional development managers we researched . These managers escape what Jim Collins called the […]

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Behind the Executive Door — The Psychological Factor Looms Large

Why We Looked Behind the Door — One of the two foundational practices of exceptional development managers is “tap the psychological side of development.” We know that talking about anything psychological is bound to make many managers uncomfortable; they feel unprepared to use this in conversations with their employees. Yet it matters in ways that […]

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Leadership Advice: Is Less More?

More, more, more! Over 10,000 leadership books and growing. Over 55,000 million articles and growing even faster to meet social media’s insatiable demand for content. What should be your strategy for learning to lead in the face of this torrent of advice? In my last blog, I talked about leadership book fatigue. Something leaders suffer […]

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