Consulting Small Businesses At Every Stage

From Startups To Well Established Businesses

Create A Foundation Of Credibility

Credibility is an often unspoken aspect of business but it is one of the most important aspects.  With credibility you open doors to new clients, funding opportunities and much more.

Guiding You Through the Entire Process Including Funding Options

Securing financing can be a major hurdle for many small business owners. Our expertise unlocks your potential by devising a strategy to secure the funding you need now while preparing you for larger opportunities down the road.

We assist you in preparing your business for loan eligibility, establishing and building business credit, and connecting you with lenders eager to support you both currently and in the future.

Our services help you enhance your business’s credibility, build a robust business credit profile, and match you with the right funding to enable effective and sustainable growth for your business.

Introducing Our New Coaching Program

Our program is designed to prepare your business for successful lending and to attract more clients. We assist in establishing and building your business credit, while connecting you with lenders who are ready to support your growth both now and in the future.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Scaling Your Business!

Program Features:

    • Entity & EIN Establishment: Ensure your business entity and EIN are set up correctly.
    • Business Structure Assessment: Comprehensive inspection of your existing business setup.
    • Business Verification: Confirm your business industry, address, phone number, website, and email for credibility.
    • Credit Training: Learn how to navigate business credit reports and improve your credit scores.
    • Vast Vendor Selection: Access an extensive range of curated vendors tailored to your business needs.
    • Vehicle Financing: Obtain auto financing without requiring a personal guarantee.
    • Vendor Account Access: Gain access to vendor accounts, with or without a personal guarantee.
    • Credit Bureau Enrollment: Get set up with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), Experian, and Equifax.
    • Proactive Support: Receive biweekly phone calls for a year to ensure continuous progress and overcome any hurdles.
    • Unlimited Coaching: Benefit from five years of unlimited coaching via phone and email support.
    • Comprehensive Funding Access: Connect with a wide range of lenders and business credit options, all consolidated in one place.
    • Pre-qualification Insight: Discover which funding programs you qualify for now and understand how to get better rates, terms, and higher loan amounts.
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Stop Constant Denials:

  • Identify and Fix Issues: Discover what’s causing denials and how to resolve them, ensuring pre-approval before applying.
  • Optimize Your Ability To Get Funded: Understand which programs you pre-qualify for, how to get approved, secure better rates and terms, and access higher loan amounts.

Accelerate Real Business Credit Building:

  • Preserve Personal Credit: Quickly build substantial business credit to operate efficiently and secure optimal funding.
  • Access Hundreds of Funding Sources: Match with every legitimate funding type available today, knowing exactly where to focus to qualify.

Remove Uncertainty and Confusion:

  • Secure High Limits and Fast Financing: Achieve 10X – 100X higher limits than consumer credit and secure funding faster.
  • Protect Personal Credit with EIN-Based Credit: Understand funding requirements for each vendor and credit issuer to qualify for financing without a personal guarantee.

Proprietary Platform (Included):

  • Get Your Funding Score: Our software integrates with exclusive business credit reports and key factors to generate a funding score, providing a clear picture of your business’s current fundability.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Navigate through all processes with ease using our comprehensive software.
  • Dedicated Support: Receive proactive phone calls from our advisors to ensure you’re on track and equipped to handle any unexpected challenges.
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From business owners just like you

"...They provide very valuable information every step of the way. At the end, I got approved for $1.2 million..."

- Luwei K

"...I was stuck in their loan processing for over 1 year with no available help...I was immediately connected to David who provided one-on-one consulting and within 2 weeks my loan was completed and funded..."

- Cameron C

"...with the help of David we were able to secure $700K for our business. We couldn't have done it without them!"

- Cathy E

"David has always assisted with the strategy of our company and made sure he informed us of resources potentially available to us."

- Rochelle W

"His willingness to help me gain confidence to achieve my goals."

- Beverly H

"David is a great sounding board for business planning. He knowledgable and pleasure to talk to and helps direct productive thought process, strategizing and approach."

- Cam C

"...Within a week, I was approved and funded! Thanks to Dave..."

- Jonathan K

"...David is extremely well versed in the countless scenarios that a small business owner finds themselves facing..."

- Rachael A