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About Jeannie Coyle

Jeannie Coyle, Business StrategistJeannie Coyle is a practical business performance and workforce strategist. She is up-to-date on what the best science tells us really works to develop and lead your workforces in ways that drive market performance. Throughout her career, both in companies and in her consulting businesses, she has shown a knack for intelligently spotting and helping leaders act on target opportunities that improve leadership, the organization, the workforce and the work environment—all in service of getting results that matter to business strategy and market performance.  Rather than relying on traditional 20th century machine age human resource management models, tools, and processes, she acts as a strategic thinking partner to cut through complexity and quickly help clients adopt the simplest, best approaches and tools. Ones that work well in the 21st century.

She works with these principles in mind:

  • Always start with the business strategy and make sure that programs and processes directly connect with it, are simple and cause managers to think to make good decisions about people. Avoid things that cause confusion and create extra complexity.
  • Work has changed as organizations compete in a networked, borderless, fast changing, technology shifting, socially connected world.  Leading and managing people and their work must change too.
  • Base solutions on credible data that goes beyond simple correlation to causation avoiding fads that over-promise and under produce.
  • Change does not happen until people change their work, goals, and what they are learning to do that implements strategy on a day to day basis.  It’s up to leaders at all levels to get traction at the level of workforce performance to drive change.
  • Research shows that exciting, challenging or meaningful work is the reason 6 out of 10 people stay; other research reveals that 8 out of 10 are disappointed in their work.  Job one of managers is to create great work experiences that people crave and that  will unleash their development and higher performance.

Highlights from her background include:  SVP HR at American Express working for Lou Gerstner to develop and implement an early and very successful leadership talent pipeline system; VP Management and Leadership Development at Bank of America; and strategic partner of the Tom Peters Group implementing Creating Value for the Customer, an innovative learning tool to create emotional and work connections with customers across all parts of an organization.

Development for Teams

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She is co-author, with Wendy Axelrod, of Make Talent Your Business  which lays out a researched based, clear road map for managers to develop people from experience while getting results. She writes blogs, articles and other media to sharpen her learning and share insights. She has taught at the MBA programs of Portland State University and Marylhurst University and is on the faculty of Athena Online.

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