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    Bridging the Gap Between Your Workforce and Market Performance

To Remain Competitive, You Need to Use the Talent of Your Entire Workforce.

Today’s leaders need to make the entire workforce feel valuable while agressively forwarding the market performance of their companies.

Modern employees are no longer willing to be seen as part of an anonymous mass. They want work that taps and grows their intelligence. WorkTelligence is dedicated to bridging the gap between market demands and employee work performance – a gap that often torments executives and managers. We also work with traditional HR to further help close that gap.

The 21st century demands that ALL of your workforce is seen and treated as individual talent—to have great impact on your business and its customers. This can be a struggle in any organization. Culture matters. And for HR professionals to remain relevant as lynchpins between the workforce and market performance they need to be really great at assisting executives and managers in creating work environments and leadership that foster initiative, innovation, flexibility, agility and sustainability…while still being good at staying on top of administrative and compliance requirements. If you are not actively creating the work environment needed in today’s world, imagine how your market performance will suffer tomorrow.

WorkTelligence Bridges the Gap between executives’ desired market performance and the shortfalls of traditional Human Resources Management by . . . Intelligently and Systematically Equipping You to Manage the Talent of an extremely fast paced, technology driven 21st Century Workforce.

Jeannie Coyle is a rare find in strategic consulting. She understands business first. She looks at HR through the lens of a CEO; and aligns tools, processes & people to the strategic plan of the company. Her experiences are rich, her examples are many, and she will challenge your conventional thinking for the better. Jake VanderzandenVP Corporate Development, DWFritz